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The London Eye

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Written by Hedy Sadoc
British Airways London Eye, or just "The London Eye" as it is more commonly and affectionately called, is one of the most imaginative and audacious projects ever seen. Sweeping the skyline at 135 m, London Eye is the world's largest observation wheel and the fourth tallest structure in London, with only Canary Wharf, Tower 42 and London Telecom Tower standing taller. A unique accomplishment of engineering and design, it offers
birds-eye views of the capital for over 25 miles in all directions, thus treating passengers to aerial views of such world famous sights as St. Paul's Cathedral, the Palace of Westminster and Windsor Castle.

The London Eye - Facts and Figures

Height:135 meters (443 feet) Circumference: 424 meters (1,392 feet) Weight of wheel and capsules:2,100 tons Total length of cables: 6 kilometers Number of high tech, fully enclosed capsules: 32, each able to hold up to 25 people comfortably Number of revolutions per year: an average of 8,000 (turning continuously) Number of passengers per
London Eye
revolution: 800 Number of passengers per day: over 15,000 Duration of ride: 30 minutes Speed of revolution: 0.26 meters per second, i.e. a quarter of the average walking speed, enabling passengers to walk straight into and out of the capsules continuously.

The London Eye - Turning a Dream into Reality

Architects David Marks and Julia Barfield first came up with the idea for the London Eye as an entry for a Millennium celebration competition. The London Eye thus continues the great tradition of celebratory structures, such as the Eiffel Tower built for Paris in 1889. It took seven years and the expertise of hundreds of specialists from five European
countries to make the dream come true. First of all, the bold and imaginative idea of the two architects, who first attracted attention in 1989 when they won a competition for a single span across the Grand Canyon. Next, British Airways, who arranged the funding, design and engineering expertise. Then, Mace, one of the UK's leading project management companies, well known for other high profile projects such as the British Museum Great Court and the Imax cinema in Waterloo, took on the extraordinary construction challenge. For transporting
London Eye Capsule
heavy items by water, Hollandia, a well known Dutch company, brought in their long standing expertise. Last but not least, the unique, aerodynamically shaped passenger capsules were built by the world's leading manufacturer of cable transport systems, the French company POMA. A specially developed, intelligent stability system allows passengers to walk about freely and ensures a smooth and safe ride in all wind conditions...Special recommendation for "night owls": The capsules are well lit as you embark and will then gradually fade through cobalt blue to darkness...Well then, WELCOME to an amazing experience and here is what you need to know:

Location and Hours of Operation

British Airways London Eye is located on the South Bank of River Thames, Waterloo Train Station Tickets start at 8.50 Pounds for adults and 5 Pounds for children under 16. Children under five go free. The London Eye is open all year. Opening hours are 10am to 7pm during the winter and 9.30am to 10pm during the summer.

Tickets can be booked in advance by calling (020) 0870 5000 600 in London, England. Group bookings can be made by calling (020) 0870 400 3005 in London, England.

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